Pubg Flare Gun Guide & Its Top Spawn Location.

Playing Pubg from a while or just started playing it. You might come across a gun which would look like Red 7.62 mm Pistol (Kancha) and have only one ammo loaded in it.

That gun is called a Flare Gun.

The rarest gun in Pubg to be found.

PUBG Flare Gun Guides & Its Top Location
PUBG Flare Gun Guides & Its Top Location

Basically, with the help of flare gun, you can send a signal to the airplane to drop crate at that given location with more intense and rare level loots.

For example:- A ghillie suit, Level 3 armory, and some crate guns like AWM, MK14, Aug, Groza, M249, etc.

Pubg Flare Gun contains double the times of loots than any ordinary airdrop.

It means it contains a huge amount of guns, suits, health kits, scopes etc comparison with ordinary airdrop.

If you pick it up, it will be added to the pistol slot in the game and you can only pick up one flare gun but you can pick multiple ammo of it.

If you fire the flare gun in the white boundary (play zone), you will get a drop with high-level loots.

But if you fire the flare gun in the air outside the play zone, you will get UAZ vehicle.

UAZ vehicle is a defensive vehicle whose windows are covered with grills to protect you. However, it does not protect all the time.

It is the ratio of 60:40. 60% will protect you but 40% it will not protect you from bullets.

And also another disadvantage is that you cannot peek from window to fire at your enemies.

But really speaking it is of no use.

Why do you want a vehicle rather than loot drop containing rare and intense loot?

Noone will prefer it in comparison with flare drop loot.

What should we do if we find Flare Gun?.

1. First, reload the Flare Gun and collect the ammo if you find flare gun in the enemies crate.

2. Go in the areas of the Safe Zone where lots of hiding spots are available.

Like if you are playing Erangel and zone comes near military base then you should go to the 3 C-type building.

3. Inspect the area carefully whether enemies are hiding at the location. It is better not to take the fight in the areas where there are lots of enemies.

4. Once, you find the safe area fire the flare gun at 90 degrees above your head.

If you fire the flare gun at an angle rather than 90 degrees, your drop will be placed at some other location.

5. Once, Flare Gun drop gets landed on the ground, throw smoke grenades 2-3 at the drop and then loot the kinds of stuff.

The reason I am saying this is because it is possible that enemies might snipe you from far.

6. Move away from the drop when your loots get over as fast as possible because there might be a great chance that enemies will come to snipe you.

How to recognize and distinguish between Flare Gun drop and other ordinary drop crates?.

1. Flare Gun Drop comes with 3 parachutes attached with it.

2. Flare Gun Crate Drop emits yellow color smoke whereas ordinary drop crate emits red color smoke.

3. Flare Gun Drop nowadays comes with a certain design crate in Events

4. A mark of red color comes to recognize that the drop which will be coming is a flare gun drop

PUBG Flare Gun Locations:-

As Pubg Flare Gun is rare to find. It is only available in some few locations on the map.

The location which is listed below have a huge chance of finding PUBG flare gun and not only one flare gun is found, you will find more than 2 flare gun.

Even I had found 5 flare gun in the same match and in the same location.

It was bad luck that I did not record it as proof but I had found all 5 flare guns in the same place.

PUBG Flare Gun Loots in Erangel:-

PUBG Flare Gun Location in Erangel
PUBG Flare Gun Location in Erangel

1. Georgopol (Erangel):-

Georgopol is located at the top left side of the erangel map near ruins and hospital.

In Georgopol, you will always find a flare gun near the tower side container location.

It is possible that more than 2 flare gun will be found near it.

But always backup yourself as most of the player goes to Georgopol location as it is one of the best locations for loots.

2. Novapol (Erangel);

Novapol is located at bottom right corner in the map near the military base. Novapool location is as similar than Georgopol as there is also container over there.

Novapol is one of the finest places to loot and to visit as most of the case enemies camp in it.

You can find PUBG flare gun over there easily.

3. Military Base (Erangel):

The military base is located at the middle bottom of the erangel map with most significant loots.

You will definitely find flare gun in the c-type building or at the tower or at the other location in it

The military base was the area where I had found 4 flare gun. 2 flare gun in building and 2 flare guns in enemies crates in the military base.

But always be prepared for a fight as most of the enemies prefer military base to land as it is loaded with amazing loot stuff.

4. School:

School is located at the middle of the Erangel map. As there are few apartments and the main building, there are more chances that you will find a flare gun fast.

But some of the time, you will not find any flare gun near it.

Try that your friend or you must carry a sniper with a decent scope to snipe enemies in the building.

5. Zharki:

Zharki is situated at the top left corner in the Erangel map. Although there are plenty of houses in it, there is less chance you will find multiple flare guns.

But you will find one flare gun near it.

As it is located at the top left corner, there are fewer chances that you will find enemies near it.

PUBG Flare Gun Loot In Sanhok:

As Sanhok is a small map, there are fewer chances you will flare gun in it.

But you can still find flare gun in it.

1. BootCamp:

Bootcamp have a huge chance that you will find a flare gun.

As it is located at the middle of the Sanhok Map, it is one of the most favorable locations for all players and minimum 4 squad land on Bootcamp.

It will be difficult to survive over there but if you survived then you will definitely find flare gun and most of the cases, final zone lies near it.

2. Paradise Resort:

Paradise Resort is situated at the middle right corner of the Sanhok map. With a most decent amount of loots, paradise resort is loaded with a lot of kinds of pieces of stuff.

There is a huge chance that you will find a flare gun.

Be prepared when landing on Paradise Resort because most of the enemies land there for loots and killing enemies.

PUBG Flare Gun Loot In Miramar:

1. Pecado Casino & Gym:

Pecado gym is located at the bottom middle of the Miramar map loaded with intense loots and there are high chances that you will find flare gun near it.

But you will have to be prepared as situated in the middle with intense loots, most of the enemies land there to loot.

2.  Hacienda del PatrĂ³n

Loaded with most loots kinds of stuff situated at the top middle area in the Miramar Map.

Great chance to find flare gun near it but you need to be fast to pick up all the loots.

3. Prison:

Prison is located at the most bottom left corner in the Miramar map. You will find a decent amount of loot stuff in the buildings.

Since it is located at the bottom, less amount of enemies will land near it.

You can easily find a flare gun in the 3 main buildings.

Hope the article was helpful.

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