PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge 2019 :- All You Need To Know.

Want to know PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge 2019 Details?. You are at the right place.

In this article, I will explain to you all about PUBG Mobile New Season 7 Crew Challenge.

Read out the complete article.

Did you think you got skills in the game?

Then head into crew challenge to compare yourself with other players.

PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge is a great approach by Tencent company to identify more best players in the game around the world.

Topic Which I Covered In This Article:-

  1. What is PUBG Crew Challenge?
  2. Requirement For Registration.
  3. Matches Schedule
  4. How To Register In The Crew Challenge?
  5. Scoring Points In Crew Challenge
  6. Rewards From Crew Challenge
Let's discuss all the topics in details. 

1. What is PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge?

PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge is a tournament system which allows players in a crew to register in the competitive tournament. 

In the challenge, you get the chance to prove your crew skills with other worldwide crew players.

It is not like a Star challenge where you will have to go and play the tournament but instead, you can play it from anywhere worldwide.

Crew Challenge Stats
Crew Challenge Stats

In Crew challenge, you just need to win most of the matches in the Qualifying rounds. Once, you are selected in the Group Matches, you will need to focus on winning the game as well as killing most of the enemies.

After Qualifying rounds, you will need to kill many enemies as possible because it will give you more extra 15 points.

Let's see the requirements for registering in the new season 7 crew challenge.

2. Requirements To Register In The Crew Challenge:-

All you need to know about PUBG Mobile Season 7 Crew Challenge
All you need to know about PUBG Mobile Season 7 Crew Challenge
  1. You need a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6 players in your crew.
  2. Only the leader can register their crew in the challenge.
  3. 3 Players are necessary to start your match in the challenge.
  4. Once register, you cannot change your crew roster for the entire tournament.
  5. You can play the challenge with all kinds of devices like mobiles, emulators, etc
  6. In case, if you play the crew challenge through emulators, you will be matched with emulators type players in the gameplay.
Let's see the matches scheduled for each round.

3. Matches Schedule:-

The matches in crew challenges are divided into three stages:-
  1. Qualifying Matches Stage
  2. Group Matches Stage
  3. Finals Matches Stage
Each crew can play around 12 matches in the Qualifying stage and best 8 teams will be selected for the next stage.

Only 2 rounds will be available to each crew team per day in the Qualifying round.

Once you get qualified in the Group matches, each crew team can play only 3 matches per day.

In finals, crew teams can play four matches per day.

Dates For Each Stage:-

  1. Qualifying Rounds:- 10th May to 19th May
  2. Group Matches Rounds:- 22nd May to 26th May
  3. Final Rounds:- 31st May to 1st June

Timing For Each Day Matches:-

  1. First Match from 6:30 IST till 7:30 IST
  2. 2nd Match from 8:30 IST to 9:30 IST

4. How To Register In The Crew Challenge?

register in PUBG Mobile season 7 crew challenge
register in PUBG Mobile season 7 crew challenge

Here is the process to register in PUBG Mobile season 7 crew challenge. Follow these steps mentioned below:-
  1. Open your PUBG Mobile app
  2. Head to the "Trophy" icon
  3. Tap on the "Crew Challenge" section
  4. Follow the steps in the guidelines to register
  5. Once you follow the guidelines,  you will be registered in the tournament

5. Scoring Points in Crew Challenge:-

Scoring Points Stats For Each Spot.
Scoring Points Stats For Each Spot.
  1. All the result is determined and calculated by each crew kills and ranking.
  2. One kill in the matches earns 15 points.
  3. In Crew challenge, all team must focus on kills and ranking.
  4. 1st Spot in each match will give the crew players an additional 500 points.
  5. Here is the screenshot of the additional points for each spot.

6. Rewards From Crew Challenge:-

The 1st Place Winner team of the Crew challenge will be given 2000 challenge coins, a title called "PUBG Dominator", a Vector set of outfit for 60 days and a Pan skin for 60 days.

The 2nd Place Winner team of the Crew challenge will get 1400 challenge coins, a title called "PUBG Warlord", and an m416 skin and outfit for 60 days.

Rewards From Crew Challenge
Rewards From Crew Challenge

The 3rd Place Winner team will get "PUBG Warlord" title and 1000 challenge coins and a set of outfits for 45 days.

4th Place and 5th Place team will get 700 challenge coins and a title named "PUBG Warrior" with a set of outfit for 30 days.

6th Place to 10th Place team will get 500 Challenge coins with "PUBG Warrior" title and a Combatant outfit set for 20 days.

7. What you can do with the Crew Challenge coins?

You can buy advanced room cards, legendary outfit sets, Avtar images, Weapons skins with these Challenge coins. 

Collect as much as you now as in future more things will be added in the crew challenge store.

So, I had completed my guide on PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge 2019.

Hope, that it will answer most of your question but if you still not find your answer, read the FAQs below.

But still not find your answer, comment below and I will answer your question as soon as possible.


      1. Are emulators allowed in Crew challenge?

Ans:-  Yes, you can play the crew challenge in emulators but you will be matched with other emulators opponents.

     2. What are the benefits of Playing the Crew Challenge?

Ans:-  Well you can ear challenge coins, legendary sets of outfits, a title called "PUBG Dominator", "PUBG Warlord" etc. Also, you get a chance to meet Pro streamers in the match.

     3. Why can't I register my crew into PUBG Mobile Crew Challenge? It only shows me the winning team?

Ans:- This happens because the current season crew challenge is already over and you will have to wait for the next upcoming crew challenge.

     4. Can I spectate my teammates if I died before them?

Ans:- Yes, you can spectate your teammates in the crew challenge and also you can talk to them during the whole gameplay.

I hope that you had find your answers, if not comment below.

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